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Byggnet integrates into iBinder Sweden AB

In May 2021, Byggnet became a part of the iBinder Group. Now, we take the next step in our journey; on January 1, 2024, the company Byggnet will be integrated with its sister company iBinder Sweden AB. The purpose of this integration is to simplify for our customers and create even better conditions for continuing to improve our products and services.

The change does not affect you as a customer – we will continue to offer our services in exactly the same form, and the terms of the agreements will not change. However, if you are a customer in multiple iBinder companies, you will be able to consolidate your invoices and take advantage of attractive offers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!

The world of construction is tough enough.
That’s why we created Byggnet.

Byggnet is a digital information system which simplifies the construction process and gives you control of the project documentation. Everyone involved in the project receives access to the right information, wherever they are. This ensures that processes run smoothly and without delays or unnecessary construction errors. Byggnet is used by thousands of people to simplify the building process on both large and small projects. Construction work can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Why don’t you try Byggnet too?

20,000 projects over two decades.

Since it was first launched in 1999, Byggnet has acted as the hub for projects all over Sweden.

The comprehensive, user friendly project management solution for the construction and property industry.

Byggnet brings together documents, information, data and case details in one central location. Regardless of whether the project is in its early stages or in the procurement, construction or administration phase, everyone involved can keep up-to-date with the latest developments on their computer or smartphone or with the help of printed documents. Byggnet automates the delivery of physical or digital documents to selected members of the project team.

Byggnet's functions and benefits.

Byggnet is a digital information system which simplifies the construction process and gives you control of the project documentation. You have a complete system with all the functions you need to run successful projects.

File management Ikon

File management

Upload and share files with all the project team members or just a selected few.

Notifications Ikon


Keep track of what is happening on the project with e-mail notifications that you can configure to meet your needs.

Project news Ikon

Project news

Every time you open a project in Byggnet, you will see a summary of the latest events.

Task management Ikon

Task management

Brings together all the reports, information, questions and answers relating to the project.

Distribution Ikon


Automated distribution of documents in digital or printed form.

Procurement Ikon


Sends links to selected material without the recipients being able to access any other areas of Byggnet or see who else has received the links.

Messages Ikon


Don’t clog up your e-mail system with big attachments. Link the files to Byggnet’s integrated messaging function instead.

Viewer Ikon


Open and add comments to files and also print them, without needing to download them.

Security Ikon


Security is important to us in both our development processes and our operations. Byggnet has a secure application architecture and is hosted in a Swedish ISO-certified data centre.

Print Ikon


Order print-outs quickly and easily and have them delivered directly to you.

Flexibility Ikon


Decide for yourself whether you want to give your project a simple or an advanced structure.

Archive Ikon


Set up an archive with files from completed or ongoing projects.

Designed for every role in a construction project.


With Byggnet you no longer need to worry about unnecessary errors, additional costs or delayed deliveries on your project. You have control over every aspect of the project, you set up the team member lists and you decide who should receive information. The distribution process is automatic.


Byggnet gives you all the information you need at the right time. You will receive the correct versions of drawings and other important documents. Byggnet is easy to access from a web browser, smartphone or tablet.


Byggnet helps to reduce the risk of construction errors and delays. Everyone involved in the project receives the correct version of documents and Byggnet ensures that the construction work is documented, managed and logged correctly throughout the entire lifetime of the project.

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