Construction mistakes are costly, which is why we created Byggnet.

Byggnet simplifies the building process for everyone involved. It is a digital information system which gives you control over all the documentation belonging to your construction project, both digital files and printed drawings.

Our servers are hosted in a modern data centre in Sweden with a partner that is ISO 27001-certified. This results in very high levels of operational security, monitoring and physical security around the clock and throughout the year.

Construction mistakes are costly, which is why we created Byggnet.

Building errors and delays cost the economy billions every year. There are many causes, but one key factor is work that is carried out on the basis of incorrect versions of drawings or other documents. Byggnet ensures that everyone on the project team receives the right information wherever they are.

A lot of people are needed on a construction project, which is why we created Byggnet.

Byggnet is designed for all types of building projects, both large and small. We have created Byggnet to help you and all the people in different roles who make up a project. Byggnet is used by thousands of people to simplify the building process every day.

A state-of-the-art solution with a long history.

As early as 1986 Arkitektkopia created its first data network for distributing drawings in digital form. It was used on the Globe project in Stockholm in the same year. Because the lead times on the project had been significantly reduced, the project team members realised the potential of the new system.

Between 1987 and 1996 Arkitektkopia tested a range of digital systems, until in 1997 it developed a system in-house for web-based document management. In 1999 the first version of Byggnet was launched and today it is a part of iBinder Group, market-leading in tools for digital information management in the construction and administration sectors in the Nordic countries.

Security is important to you and us.

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Byggnet is a complete service consisting of three modules: Byggnet Access, Byggnet Verify and Byggnet Subscribe.

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