Byggnet family.

Byggnet is a complete service consisting of three modules: Byggnet Access, Byggnet Verify and Byggnet Subscribe.

Byggnet Access

Byggnet Access is the basic module which provides storage and distribution functions. This is included in all projects. Many of our customers use only this service.

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Byggnet Subscribe

Automated distribution of all the project documents.
Fast distribution of the right information is an important aspect of all construction projects.

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Byggnet Verify

Task management with an app for version Control of construction documents.
Make it easy to manage all tasks, problems and error reports for your project via a web browser or app.

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Byggnet Package

Increase your prerequisites for running successful construction projects by using all products from Byggnet - at package prices. You get document management, subscription service and task management - all in the same system!

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Byggnet's functions and benefits.

Byggnet is a digital information system which simplifies the construction process and gives you control of the project documentation. You have a complete system with all the functions you need to run successful projects.

File management Ikon

File management

Upload and share files with all the project team members or just a selected few.

Notifications Ikon


Keep track of what is happening on the project with e-mail notifications that you can configure to meet your needs.

Project news Ikon

Project news

Every time you open a project in Byggnet, you will see a summary of the latest events.

Task management Ikon

Task management

Brings together all the reports, information, questions and answers relating to the project.

Distribution Ikon


Automated distribution of documents in digital or printed form.

Procurement Ikon


Sends links to selected material without the recipients being able to access any other areas of Byggnet or see who else has received the links.

Messages Ikon


Don’t clog up your e-mail system with big attachments. Link the files to Byggnet’s integrated messaging function instead.

Viewer Ikon


Open and add comments to files and also print them, without needing to download them.

Security Ikon


Security is important to us in both our development processes and our operations. Byggnet has a secure application architecture and is hosted in a Swedish ISO-certified data centre.

Print Ikon


Order print-outs quickly and easily and have them delivered directly to you.

Flexibility Ikon


Decide for yourself whether you want to give your project a simple or an advanced structure.

Archive Ikon


Set up an archive with files from completed or ongoing projects.