Subscribe to all or selected documents with Byggnet Subscribe

By automating the distribution of documents, you can be sure that your colleagues, consultants and subcontractors always have the right building document in the hand. It reduces the risk of construction errors and saves you and them both time and money.

Subscribe simplifies and automates distribution lists and makes it easy to manage the flow of information to colleagues, consultants and subcontractors, among others. To summarise, Byggnet Subscribe keeps a check on what needs to be distributed, when this should happen, what method should be used and who the information should go to. Of course, this also includes print-outs that can be delivered directly to you on the building site.

An additional function to Byggnet Access

Byggnet Access is a digital information system and is the basic module of the Byggnet family. To be able to use Byggnet Subscribe you need have to have access to Byggnet Access.